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Affordable Efficiency: Unleash Peak Performance With TaskSprint

We know maximizing team efficiency must not come at a cost that harms your set budget. That’s why we provide TaskSprint, a transparent and affordable employee efficiency software crafted to tailor your unique business needs.

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Empower Your Team For Just $20 Per User Per Month.

That's right! For a mere $20 per user, you get unrestricted access to all of TaskSprint's powerful features. There are no hidden fees or limited functionality-just a comprehensive project management suite that empowers your team to collaborate, streamline workflows, and achieve remarkable results.

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Don’t Waste Time Anymore- Try TaskSprint For Free Today!

We are absolutely sure that TaskSprint will transform the way you manage your projects. With our free trial, you will see how easy it is to manage your tasks and gain valuable insights. So, why wait? Sign up now and discover why TaskSprint is the ultimate choice for your team’s success.

So, stop waiting around and start today. Activate the potential within your team with TaskSprint!

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Simplify Your Workflow, Achieve More: TaskSprint Pricing Plans

Are you tired of juggling too many tools and struggling to keep your projects on track? Well, worry no more. TaskSprint offers powerful features to streamline your workflow, boost collaboration, and assist the team in achieving new heights.

Explore two of our plans that will fit your requirements:

Normal Plan

Starter Plan

Streamline Your Workflow: $20/User/Month

Perfect for small teams or those starting with project management tools.

  • Unlimited Timesheets and Projects: Track every hour worked on any number of projects with ease. There are no limitations here!
  • Unlimited Tasks: Create as many tasks as needed to keep your team focused and on track.
  • Unlimited Employee Invites: Bring everyone on board with unlimited employee invites.
  • Resource Scheduling: Match the perfect team member to each task with resource scheduling, ensuring optimal project execution.
  • Stay on Top of Deadlines: This plan allows managers to receive timesheet emails in their inbox once their team members have completed them.
  • Lead Management: TaskSprint’s lead management system allows you to capture leads, nurture them, and close more and more deals.
  • Asset Management: Track necessary resources like equipment and software licenses, ensuring they’re assigned to suitable projects at the right time.
  • Cloud Storage (Up to 1 GB): Keep all your project files and documents in one central location, accessible to everyone on your team.
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Pro Plan

Pro Plan

The Power Of Customization:
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The pro plan offers all the features of the starter plan plus the power of complete customization to you.

  • Unlimited Timesheets and Projects: We can customize how timesheets are generated and presented based on your preferences.
  • Unlimited Tasks: The Pro Plan allows you to customize task assignments based on resource allocation.
  • Unlimited Employee Invites and Lead Management: The Pro Plan allows customizable lead management pipelines tailored to your specific sales process.
  • Resource Scheduling: We can integrate with your existing tools or develop custom workflows to ensure optimal resource utilization and avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Stay on Top of Deadlines: The Pro Plan allows you to customize the timesheet emails the project managers receive once their team members have completed them.
  • Pre-filled Timesheets: We can customize the automation rules to match your team’s structure and project requirements perfectly.
  • Asset Management: The Pro Plan can allow you to create custom fields and reports to track specific asset data relevant to your business.
  • Cloud Storage: In the Pro Plan, we can increase your cloud storage capacity to accommodate your specific needs, whether you have a small team with a few files or a large team with complex projects.
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